At home sperm tests have come a long way!  Check out our review of the top 5 sperm tests you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Male fertility issues have shot up at an alarming rate in the last half century. In the past 40 years alone, the average sperm counts for males in the western world have been cut in half. That’s right, a 50% drop!

This comes as quite a shock to most people. But, is it really that shocking?

Let’s take a look at what we know about sperm health. There are several factors that contribute to diminished sperm count and quality.

Some of these factors are:

  • Poor diet
  • Environmental toxins and pesticides
  • Sedentary existence
  • Heat and radiation from cell phones
  • Unhealthy weight
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Stress

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it provides a little insight into the types of things which can lead to male infertility.

If we look at the above list, the prevalence of ALL these factors (aside from maybe smoking), have increased dramatically over the last 40 years.

People eat way too much unhealthy, processed food these days, while doing little to no exercise. This combination is disastrous for almost every aspect of your health…sperm health is not exception.

Combine long periods of inactivity, a diet heavy in fats and sugars, constant cell phone use, the stress of today’s frantically paced society, and it really isn’t much of a stretch to explain this massive reduction in sperm quality.

The Top 5 Home Sperm Tests for Men

Are you curious about your own fertility? Maybe you and your partner have been trying to conceive for weeks or months with no results?

Whatever the case may be, there are some home sperm tests available to provide you with some awareness about your sperm count and sperm quality.

Our Top Picks! (in no particular order):

  • SpermCheck Home Fertility Test (link to full review)
  • YO Home Sperm Test (link to full review)
  • SwimCount Sperm Quality Test (link to full review)
  • Trak Male Fertility Testing System (link to full review)
  • Micra Sperm Test for Sperm Count and Motility (link to full review)

These tests all vary in what they measure, as well as how much they cost. Below is a look at a quick summary of each test. Detailed reviews for each test can be found by clicking the links above or below.

SpermCheck Home Fertility Test

This may be the most widely known, and also the simplest home fertility test. This test focuses on sperm count only. It is quick and easy, and it will give you one of two answers:

  • Yes, my sperm count is normal
  • No, my sperm count is lower than average

This test gives a good indication if other, more specialized tests are needed.

YO Home Sperm Test

This home test focuses on sperm quality rather than quantity. It measures sperm motility, or rather how well your sperm are moving. The YO home fertility test also provides the materials for a retest to ensure numbers are consistent.

SwimCount Sperm Quality Test

You may have guessed from the name that this test also focuses on sperm quality. This test also analyzes sperm motility. It measures the total Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSC) found in the sample. PMSC are cells that are not only mobile, but moving in a straight line which is important for conception.

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Trak Male Fertility Testing System

This is a more advanced fertility test, for those looking for lab-like results without having to visit a clinic. It is designed and supported by scientists and urologists. It is extremely accurate and can provide a precise measure of sperm count.

The focus of this test is on sperm quantity, with the idea being that if the quantity is high enough, it rules out factors leading to poor sperm quality.

Micra Sperm Test for Sperm Count and Motility

This is the most comprehensive of the home fertility kits mentioned here. This home test looks at both quality and quantity.

It measures overall sperm count, semen volume, sperm concentration, and sperm motility. If you are looking for specific and thorough information about sperm health, this test is a solid option.

So if you are one of those guys who isn’t exactly sure about the quality or quantity of your sperm health.  Start off with trying one of the tests mentioned above! It’s an extremely cost effective and private way to see how your boys are doing.  If you find that there’s something lacking, contact your family doctor for a referral to an extensive semen analysis so you can start working toward some helpful solutions!

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