Hey Fellas, I’m here to talk to all the guys who seem to have an issue going in for a semen analysis.


Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be ready to take the plunge and get things tested.  Information is power and the results of your semen analysis can help you and your health practitioner make a clear plan to getting you and your spouse pregnant.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room; masturbation.  

Yes, you generally have to perform the act of self love to make this test a reality.  If you are familiar with masturbation (most guys get quite familiar in their early teens), great!  This makes the semen analysis a lot easier.  

However, if you prefer not to masturbate and you can only climax with your partner, fear not, there are ways to deal with this issue (as long as your are within 30 minutes drive of a fertility clinic).  Most fertility clinics have “in-house” semen collection rooms.  I have seen these rooms and they are generally quite nice!  Most rooms are equipped with sinks, chairs and tv’s with the option of watching helpful “videos”.


Avoid these semen analysis blunders:


Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

There will likely be signs everywhere reminding you to wash up before you get started so be sure to clean your hands before you do or touch anything (and after you are done too!).  There is a risk of contamination if you aren’t careful with how things are done.


No Need to Rush

Slow down cowboy…foreplay is not just for the ladies!

Allowing yourself the time to slowly work yourself to a climax rather than rushing as fast as you can to get out of there is an important way to ensure you have proper semen analysis results…particularly when it comes to semen volume.  

If you suffer from a low volume issue, take your time and maintain your erection longer to allow your body to produce the fluids necessary for adequate volume.


Clean Room = Clear Mind

This is directly related to the point above regarding climax speed.  

You will not want to remain in a room which is one of the following; overly odorous, unclean (garbage full etc.), missing supplies (soap, hand sanitizer paper towels etc.) or any other issue which makes it difficult not to think about.  

Politely ask the staff to replenish supplies or ask if there is another room and mention that the room is simply too messy for you to relax.


Have Your Sample Jar Ready

I think this goes without saying but I have heard stories of guys who are out of their element and simply forget to open the sample jar.  You do not want to have to provide a sample twice so be prepared before you get things going and have the sample jar open and ready to go.


Follow Instructions

If you are avoiding the semen analysis collection room and are doing your semen “collecting”  at home, be sure to follow the instructions that your clinic provides.  

There is always a time issue with the home collecting.  Semen has a liquifaction rate which may not turn out right if it takes you 45 minutes to get your sample to the clinic.  If you live close by, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Don’t Be Such a Wuss

As you know, I often see females in my clinical practice and I can’t tell you how often they have to go through super invasive tests and procedures while their spouse decides that the semen analysis they did 3 years ago is adequate enough.  

It’s not.  

One semen analysis doesn’t tell the whole story.  You may need 2 or 3 to get a really clear look as to whether or not your numbers measure up.  If your partner tells you it might be a good idea that you get another semen analysis, just do it…and don’t be such a wuss about it.



If you don’t have the option of seeing a specialist at a fertility clinic, you may want to start out with the Sperm Check Fertility Test.  This is a great option to see if your sperm count passes the mustard without the need of a semen analysis.  Find out more about the test here: SpermCheck Fertility Home Test for Men