Product: SwimCount Sperm Quality Test


Price: about $75 CAD


Who It’s For: Males looking for quick and reliable information about their sperm quality

Product Info

The SwimCount sperm test, used to measure and give a comprehensible reading on male sperm, looks at the quality of the sperm, rather than just the quantity.

Don’t get me wrong, sperm quantity is also important, overall sperm count and semen volumes can also be useful for gauging male fertility. However, it doesn’t really matter how many sperm cells are present in a count if they can swim properly.

The SwimCount sperm quality test reports the number of functional and effective swimmers that are found in a sperm sample. This provides a more accurate picture regarding the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Who’s it For?

Having trouble conceiving? Roughly 40% of fertility issues are caused by poor sperm quality. Male fertility issues can play a significant role for couples that are trying to get pregnant.

In fact, one in five men has some description of a fertility problem due to abnormal sperm quality.

The SwimCount sperm test will help give couples a better idea if sperm quality is an issue contributing to their fertility struggles.

How Does is Work?

The SwimCount sperm quality test is a user-friendly home test, with easy to follow instructions. It works by testing a sample of your sperm for quality and motility.

A sample of your sperm will be deposited into the testing device.

The testing device will then determine how many Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSC) are present in your sample. This refers to how many sperm from the sample are able to swim in the appropriate direction.

It can take up to 3 months for sperm to fully develop, so if you have been implementing healthier lifestyle practices to your daily routine, it is advised to wait three months for the most accurate results.

Also, for a proper reading on your sperm test, collect the sample at least 2 days after your last ejaculation, but no longer than 7 days.

Tools & Instruction

You should find 3 components in the test kit:

  1. The sperm testing device
  2. Plastic cup
  3. Pipette – used to extract a portion of the sample from the cup and deposit into the device

Once you have loaded a portion of the sample into the device with the pipette, you will need to wait 30 minutes for the sample to incubate. This is because the semen will need some time to liquify for a precise reading.

Full instructions can be found online.


  • 95% accuracy rate
  • Only test that measures concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSC)
  • Measures sperm quality, providing useful information on fertility potential
  • Certified as safe and effective


  • Home tests leave room for human error
  • Only captures a snapshot of reproductive health, may not be entirely indicative of big picture


This product is fairly priced for the value it provides. It gives a solid indication of true sperm quality, rather than just quantity.

In 30 minutes you can have some good insight into your fertility issues. It is a fast and effective fertility measure.

Thumbs up!