I’m a sweater.


Not the plush, wooly clothing that keeps you warm. Although I can keep you warm because I am a human furnace, which makes me perspire. A lot.

My body creates and excretes moisture in the form of sweat like nobody’s business. I’ve been this way for a long time, but recently I’ve noticed it getting a little worse.

Technically, I’m suffering from hyperhydrosis, a.k.a. sweating like a pig — although pigs don’t sweat much at all (I looked this up!).

Here’s the problem: I work with people every single day, mostly in a clinical setting, but also as an instructor, so I need to look professional.  I reluctantly have realized that dress shirts have become my go-to uniform.  

Excessive Sweaters Unite!

Are you a fellow sweater? If you are, you know that the wet, yellow pit stain is one of the most unattractive things a guy can experience.

Think back to your high school math teacher pointing up to the white board with a huge, dark pile of armpit goo all stuck to his shirt.

Wear black shirts, you say?  Yeah, that works okay.  The stains are much less noticeable, but after some time, excessive sweating will eventually stain your shirts with white, salty lines which no amount of OxiClean can remove.

I have looked into all reasons why my sweating occurs so easily and haven’t been able to attribute it to anything in particular.  

Is It the Coffee?

Coffee is definitely a trigger for me.  Caffeine is a known diaphoretic  (a fancy way of saying sweat-causing) and will make you drip like mad.  

I also find that knowing that I’m sweating makes me sweat…yes, you heard me right.  If I know I have a sweat stain, the stress of trying to hide it makes me sweat even more!

I realized that I’m never going to stop drinking coffee, so I desperately needed to find another solution to this sweating problem.

What About Diet or Antiperspirants?

I thought I could simply make my body stop sweating (all anti perspirants suck…yes, even the “clinical” strength ones).  There weren’t any vitamins or minerals I was deficient in and my diet seemed decent enough (apart from the coffee).  Natural deodorants actually made me sweat a little less but the smell was never that great.

Finally, I found what I was looking for: A “barrier” that stops the sweat from reaching my shirt.  Of course!  A barrier so amazing and it’s all wrapped up into an attractive under shirt.

I give you, Thompson Tees.

The Only Option:  A Barrier!

Thompson Tees are specially designed T-shirts which provide full protection from even the most productive sweat makers.

At $25 each, the Thompson Tees are expensive at first glance.  “Who pays that much for a T-Shirt?” I first asked myself. However, at this point I was willing to try anything.

So I took out my wallet and ordered two V-neck tees on line.  They came and I gave them a try.  They work exactly as advertised!  Amazing! I can wear blue dress shirts again!  I can even wear the “slim fit” shirts!  

It feels so good to be confident about not having underarm sweat marks. I can’t quite put it into words.

I have 6 of the V-neck shirts now. That’s one for each day of my work week.

Experiencing no more pit stains is only one reason to buy this shirt…I haven’t even mentioned the money you will save on ruined shirts!  All my current shirts are in tip-top shape due to the lack of sweat which would normally stain and crust my shirts…so gross! They have lasted years longer than I expected.

I realize that this website is about improving your sperm health but I just had to share this information with all of you.  You may think I’m making a cut from spreading the word about this product but I’m not making a penny. The makers of Thompson Tees don’t need the referrals from me…their product is the best word of mouth.  

We simply want to make your lives better and this is one of those items which should be on everyone’s gift list.

Do yourself a favour and spend some money on these Thompson Tees. I can give my personal guarantee that they work.

Let us know if they end up working for you!

Click on this link and receive a 15% discount on your first order.

You’re welcome!


The YSC.com Team