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Book an online consultation with founder, Drew Nesbitt.  Drew is a Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Nutritional Consultant and has been specializing in treating fertility for over 10 years.

Drew NesbittDrew will help walk you through all of the things you should be doing to improve your sperm health…and your chances of having a child.  From diet advice, supplements, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes; Drew will give you everything you need to improve your chances safely and naturally.  Drew’s online consultation is for all the men who have contacted him in the past from all over the world.  Now you have a safe and reliable option to improve your sperm health…right from the comforts of home!

How the Online Consultation Process Works:

  • Payment will be processed first (via PayPal)
  • Drew’s online intake form will be emailed to you once payment has been processed
  • Drew will personally email to confirm you have received your online consultation form
  • At your own pace, complete the online form and then submit it back to Drew
  • Drew will then create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs
  • You will receive your fertility health summary within 5 business days

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Drew is an award winning acupuncturist and nutritionist in Toronto, Canada and has been helping men achieve optimal fertility for 10 years. Men have emailed Drew from all over the world about their fertility concerns. Book your Online Consultation with Drew today and improve your count!

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