This article is just as much for the women as it is for the men…particularly those men with low sperm count.

I have treated hundreds of women over the years and I am always taken aback when I hear that their men are not as consistent with their supplements as they should be.

Here are the top 6 excuses men give for not taking their supplements, starting at number 6:

6.  I Don’t Have a Low Sperm Count!

Sure, you may not have a low sperm count…you may even have a decent semen analysis result but what if it could be even better?

One semen analysis does not tell the whole story.  Why not put in a little effort to ensure your sperm stay super healthy?  You may even improve things further which can only increase your chances.

5.  They’re Too Expensive

Yes, supplements can definitely be expensive.  However, there are some sperm enhancing supplements which are VERY affordable.  Supplements such as vitamin C and zinc.

There is plenty of research to indicate that these two common supplements can help improve sperm and they are accessible in just about every pharmacy on any budget.  For dosages on vitamin C and zinc, click here.

4.  Man Memory

I suppose I am guilty of having “man memory” every once in a while, but if having a child is important to you, this one is an easy fix.

Go to your local drug store and pick up a medication dispenser which has each day of the week written right on it.  Put your pills in at the beginning of the week and leave them on the counter in the kitchen so you see them every day.  Man memory excuse solved!

3.  They Don’t Work

I think it’s good to be a skeptic.  You shouldn’t just trust me that all of these things can help improve a low sperm count, you should do some of the research on your own.  However, don’t claim that supplements don’t work UNLESS you have put in the time to see what the research has to say.

I have no problems having a discussion and welcome your comments at the bottom if you have any questions.  I have compiled a large database of solid research for a number of supplements I typically recommend for males with low sperm count.  Email me if you would like a copy.

2.  They Hurt My Stomach

This one can actually happen and I sympathize with those whose stomachs can’t seem to handle supplements.  However, there are ways around this one.  For those who complain of having stomach pain when taking their supplements, try taking them with food to see if that helps (most supplements need to be taken with food for better absorption anyway).

Also, make sure you are not taking too much of one vitamin at a time.  Water soluble vitamins like vitamin C may hurt your stomach if you take too much at one time.  Divide your dose throughout the day to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Check out my article on Supplement Mistakes to Avoid for more information.

1. I Would Rather Get My Nutrients from Food

Me too!  Absolutely, food is the best way to receive your nutrients.  However, to get the therapeutic dosage outlined in most of the research on low sperm count, the only way is to take them in supplement form.

For example, getting the recommended 200mg of ubiquinol to improve sperm health from food is nearly impossible.  You better love sardines, cause you will need to eat 66 pounds of them every day!  Or perhaps you prefer avocados…get ready to eat 120 of them for your 200mg of ubiquinol.  I think you get the picture.

While it is noble to say that you want to get all your nutrients from food, it is next to impossible to get the required amounts indicated by the research.

Although supplements are annoying and sometimes expensive, they really do help those with sperm related issues.  Considering how much your female partner goes through (invasive tests, hormones, procedures etc.), you have to realize that in the world of fertility treatments, guys have it pretty easy.

Take your supplements.