We’ve all heard the jokes…but is there actual radiation from your cell phone that may be affecting your fertility?

We will be putting all jokes aside to bring you the straight facts!

A study done in Israel, has indicated a marked decrease in overall male sperm quality since the beginning of the 21st century. Strangely enough, this is right around the time that every person on the planet started getting cell phones.


Everyone has a cell phone. People tend to want to keep their cell phones on their person at all times. This is where it can get a bit tricky for males. Lack of a purse, leaves only pockets for transporting essential items.

Back pockets are no good because of the potential for physical damage…sit on your phone the wrong the way and you could crack the screen. Not to mention it looks ridiculous.  Another wrong move could send out a pocket dial to someone you have been trying to avoid.

That leaves the front pants pocket. Right next to where it all happens.

Seriously though, can your cell phone really lower your sperm count?

The short answer is yes, it appears as though it can. So, it’s definitely not recommended to keep your cell phone right next to your baby-maker, but proximity isn’t the only factor to be concerned about.

Studies have been done that show even just talking on your cell phone can affect fertility.

Men who talk on their cells consistently, on a daily basis, are at a greater risk of low sperm count. That risk doubles if the phone is charging at the time you are talking on it. (resource)

This is because there are two major factors which can result in cell phones diminishing your sperm count. They are:

1.  Heat

2.  Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s)

Cell Phones Give Off Heat!

Temperature is an important factor when it comes to sperm health and sperm production. Conditions that are too hot or too cold can adversely affect sperm quality.

Sperm thrive in temperatures a couple degrees cooler than normal body temperature. That is why your testicles exist outside of your body in the first place. To keep conditions cooler for ideal sperm production.

If you have ever been hit in the stones, and agonizingly wondered why on earth your testicles would possibly reside outside of the safety of the body’s interior, now you know.

This also may provide a clearer picture of why your testes tend to crawl up inside your body when it is cold out, or you are in a cold pool.

Cell phones produce heat. There really is no disputing that fact. That is why it’s recommended to keep your cell phone away from your scrotum. Even a slight rise in temperature in the testes can have damaging effects. The testicles are very sensitive, as you are probably aware, so it is crucial to keep them at optimal temperatures if you are trying to conceive. 

Higher temperatures are one of the main reasons men with varicocele have diminished semen parameters.  So keep your boys cool! (snow balls undies)

Cell Phones Emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)

Another detrimental factor of cell phones on sperm count is the electromagnetic waves they emit. These electromagnetic waves are also referred to as radiation.

With all the negative connotations associated with the word “radiation”, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that you don’t want this electromagnetic energy around your ball-sack when you are trying to produce quality sperm.

Your cell phone sends out radio waves in order to establish a signal. These waves are a form of radiation.

This is why when your cell phone is in use, more electromagnetic waves are produced. So, when you are talking on your cell phone, expelled radiation is increased. If the phone is charging at the time you are talking on it, that significantly raises electromagnetic activity.

It is certainly not recommended to talk on your phone using a hands-free device, while keeping your phone in your front pocket.

While the proximity of your cell phone to your goods does play a role, it doesn’t completely eliminate the issue by storing it away from your front pockets. Electromagnetic waves can still have adverse effects if you are talking on your cell phone a lot, and charging it while you are sleeping next to it.  An arms length away from your body is a good general rule.  Alternatively, you can block the radiation with products like these –

How Does Your Cell Phone Affect Sperm Quality?

The electromagnetic waves given off by your cell phone can affect the quality of your sperm, but how? Basically, it has been shown that radiation has detrimental effects on sperm motility and morphology.

Motility refers to how well the sperm can move. Prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation can make sperm less mobile and even decrease viability rates.  The less motility they have, the less chance they can make it to the egg. 

Morphology is related to the shape of the sperm. Increased temperature in the testes can hamper normal sperm production. Raised levels of heat, plus electromagnetic activity can lead to deformation in sperm shape. 

Safe Practices to Protect your Sperm Count

Just like any other issue, you will get advocates on both sides claiming their viewpoint is correct and the other side is ridiculous.

The same is true for the effects of cellular phones on sperm quality. You will still get people alleging that there is not enough concrete evidence to absolutely link cell phone usage to decreased sperm quality.

While this may be true, are your willing to take that chance? It’s true that effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetic activity are not conclusive. But, look how long it took for humans to admit that smoking is harmful. People see what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe.

So, if you are trying to have a baby, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of conception. Some examples are:

  • Do not keep your cell phone in your front pocket for extended periods
  • Do not talk on your phone while it is charging
  • Refrain from charging your phone while you are sitting next to it
  • Get regular exercise
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep
  • Try to minimize your stress levels

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Pick up a radiation blocking cell phone case! – See our review on the top cases here

I think everyone should have one of these things.  At least until we learn more about how cell phones are affecting our fertility.  They aren’t that expensive and they make a great gift idea!

To Your Sperm Health!

– YSC .com